Low cost holidays: 5 tips to organize them and mini-credits to get them.

Organizing a low cost holiday is not easy.

Organizing a low cost holiday is not easy.

Among other things because, in addition to the large number of aspects that this requires, you have the added value that, when preparing them, you must take the economy into account. Among those aspects that must be taken into consideration are the fact of choosing the destination, accommodation, transport, routes. So, for a low cost holiday, these tips to organize them and mini-credits to get them will allow you to treat yourself to a holiday at a very interesting price.

5 tips for organizing low cost holidays

5 tips for organizing low cost holidays

1. Plan ahead. This is one of the essential characteristics to save. According to several trusted sources of expert savings, if you book your flight about 56 days in advance you can save up to 28%. So this is fundamental.

2. Accommodation. The accommodation is one of the points of the holidays that most increases its cost. Therefore, finding cheap accommodation options but able to meet our needs is a challenge. To do this, you can use search engines with super interesting offers. The Last Minute company, for example, is a good example of a site where you can find very good promotions. And, in addition, they propose last minute offers.

If you want to save even more, hire the option of flight plus hotel.

And if you do not have a clear fixed destination and you have availability or flexibility in the dates, better than better because you have more chances of getting a low cost holiday.

3. Transportation For transport, we advise you different alternative values. Sometimes, choosing between public or private transport (renting a car, for example), is difficult because, surely the public is much cheaper, but the private one can take you wherever you want whenever you want, it allows you to save time. To do this, we recommend that you take into account the purpose of your trip or what tourist plan you have prepared. If you are only going to visit the most central and closest points to your accommodation, you may be more interested in public transport.

For another type of trip, better the private one.

4. Routes and excursions. Organizing routes and excursions in advance is vital. If you are already clear about the destination, you can look for everything to do in it, always with the cheapest options. Even so, already in our post “save on Easter holidays – 7 perfect tricks”, we talked about a great idea that you can take advantage of for your low cost vacation. For example, if you go to the museum, see which day of the week it is free. And you will save an excursion!

5. Food and travel expenses. Before traveling, make your own route planning and become a guide with the cheapest places to eat in each of the cities you are going to visit. In food, you can also save.

And, in case you don’t have enough resources to allow even a low-cost vacation, here are the mini-credits to get them.


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