Habits that make us waste money in the kitchen


We all have a kitchen, and we all use appliances every day. The refrigerator is on all the time, the oven or the hob is used most of the days for cooking, the dishwasher depending on the people you live at home is put on every day or every other day, etc. It is impossible not to consume energy and electricity in the kitchen because it is used daily.

However, there are certain (bad) uses or customs that make this consumption multiply. Bad practices that surely you have internalized and changing them, in addition to being able to check how your savings increase in your Good Finance app, you collaborate in the improvement and conservation of the environment.

How can you reduce energy consumption in the kitchen?

How can you reduce energy consumption in the kitchen?

To remedy this excessive consumption, Good Finance has developed a list of tips and tricks to use appliances efficiently, what type of appliances are the least spent or when, etc.

The refrigerator is the most used appliance. Obviously you always have it on to keep all the food you have. According to the IDAE, it accounts for 18% of household electricity consumption. However, the one that is always on does not mean that you cannot save energy or reduce your spending. The way to achieve it lies in the temperature and its conservation:

The temperature should be maintained at 5 degrees in the refrigerator, and at -18 degrees in the freezer according to the manufacturers.

Do not forget that energy consumption increases by 5% for every degree of cold

Dirt reduces its performance, so you should keep it clean

As for the ceramic hob, we all know that it is cheaper, easier to use and faster when cooking, but a lot of residual heat is lost, so the gas or butane cooker is still the most efficient in terms of saving. But as it is usually the most common today, most of the houses have a ceramic hob for the cooking and cleaning facilities they have. To save energy and money with the hob, take note of these tips:

Whenever you can, use the pressure cooker instead of pans, because being so fast, you will save 50% energy. Always cook with the lids on the pans on.

You will reduce energy consumption by 25%

Take advantage of waste heat

When you are going to finish making a meal, turn off the kitchen five minutes before, and take advantage of the heat that remains.

If you can afford it, choose induction plates, since, despite being more expensive when buying them, they are amortized over the long run, since they are more efficient and consume 20% less electricity than conventional ones.

Quite the opposite of what happens with the hob, the oven, is one of the least efficient appliances. It is true that it is not used as much as others, but it spends a lot of energy and electricity. To achieve more efficient use of the oven, consider all these details.

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