REVIEWED: Looking for a new multiplayer Switch game? Hit the trash filled seas of Trash Sailors #Nintendo #TinyBuild #GamingNews #Trailer

The hand-drawn animation is classic. The hand-drawn animation in video games gives them a feel like no other game on the market. Developed by the studio FluckyMachine, Trash sailors is a classic storybook game that places you and your friends on the high seas filled with trash on a fantastical survival journey.

Trash sailors is a vortex of a game. When you sit down on your own and kick it off, there’s a charm to the way the exposition and tutorial introduce you to the stakes of this world. You’ll have to keep your raft barge afloat by turning trash into spare parts to repair the damage until you cross the finish line of the level. When you practice fishing the seas for blenders, chairs, and other items strewn about yard sale debris in the ocean, it’s quite easy to fall into a sense of boredom in the grind. repetitive. It’s when you start taking your friends with you that the game shows you just how much fun you can have.

If you’ve played cooperative objective games like Dead squared, overcooked, and To relocate you will know what Trash sailors proposes to do. Not only will you have to work together to collect sea resources to keep yourself above water, but coordinating your efforts can be difficult when you bring up to three other friends with you via local or online multiplayer.

What sets Trash sailors apart from other couch games is its visual style. When playing with other people, it’s easy to get distracted by those hand-drawn characters and worlds that seem straight out of a children’s storybook. Still, you’ll have to stay alert and contribute as the raft has to be steered through the murky waters avoiding rocks, poisonous sharks, alligators, and even other pirates. All the while, your shipmates must repair the damage to the ship before time runs out. It’s a game that can get intense.

Unlike other games of the genre, this one doesn’t feel like such an open world. There is a plot in this game that will have you navigating a linear map from level to level. Admittedly, the story is basic and lacks opportunities to add charm.

Trash sailors suffers from a dichotomy which it almost sets out to create. The focus is on multiplayer fun, which makes playing solo almost feel like a punishment when you’re forced to control multiple characters at once on your own. This game really relies on you playing with others for its enjoyment, but when teamed up with friends or online players, it’s an interesting experience on this trash-filled planet.

Trash Sailors is available now on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 digital stores.

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