Get a copy of Overcooked World Food Festival on Nintendo Switch

Now is the time to put on your chef’s hat, strap on your apron, and head back to the best island in the land for the overcooked World Food Festival on Nintendo Switch. This free content update really gives you a little taste of the Ghost Town games cooking up a tasty vibe. With tons of delicious new content that you can grab for a while.

In addition to the Overcooked World Food Festival, you can now sort your food in the near future, using the delivery mechanic, where you can move your food to a distant destination in the blink of a few seconds, adding an extra layer chaos in the kitchen when you are busy preparing food for your customers. You can’t be sure we can deliver, but it’s a nice choice for those who can handle the hustle and bustle of homes.

To mark the World Food Festival, new world cuisine will fit into your cookbook with dishes ready to be mixed, cooked and tossed before serving to customers. Even if the chicken looks a little raw, it’s not always fun to cook fresh food in the dingy old kitchen. Nonetheless, there are plenty of never-before-seen kitchen environments to get the best impression of Gordon Ramsay, so a large number of guests are in charge of preparing your dishes.

If we haven’t mentioned it earlier, the best thing is that it’s completely free. All you need is a copy of the original Overcooked title to add to the fun. The trailer below shows you this new update, available now for download. You will no longer have to wait like that to enter a gourmet restaurant. This is free for businesses.

That’s it, you should know the latest article on the World Cooking Festival. For more free, albeit less tasty products, check out our Grand Piece-Online vouchers.

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