Argentina’s Nintendo eShop shenanigans helped boost Let’s Build A Zoo sales

Standing out on Nintendo’s eShop can be a tall order, especially for games that aren’t first-party titles or Switch exclusives, but Let’s Build a Zoo has managed to rise to the top thanks to consumers looking for more. ‘a cent.

As detailed in a Twitter thread by Mike Rose, who works for publisher No More Robots, something seemed off, he noticed that the zoo management game was making incredible sales numbers in Argentina. As Rose discovered, these were people setting up their Nintendo regions in Argentina and taking advantage of that territory to sell the game for just $1.50. It would have been demoralizing news to see people taking advantage of regional prices, but there is a bright side to the story.

Because Let’s Build a Zoo was selling so well in Argentina, it catapulted it into the top 100 of the eShop charts for the entire Americas region. As the game climbed the ranks – Nintendo counts units sold instead of overall revenue generated for placement on its chart – more American eyeballs were on the product and it wasn’t long before this effect was repeated in eShops. Europeans and Australians.

“A week after launch, we were almost at the top of the Deals tab on nearly every eShop,” Rose tweeted. “It was specifically the Game + DLC bundle that people were buying in droves, so the average price people were paying was over $20!”

While this is good news for Let’s Build a Zoo Springloaded developer and publisher, Rose explained that platforms need to consider how easy region swapping is for people who want to buy games at the price. the cheapest possible, a practice that can be very harmful to small studios.

The Argentina method was not only used on Switch games, because Rose notedbut was also used on Steam and Xbox platforms.

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