Bear and Breakfast Open for Business Today on Nintendo Switch

Building a shop on the Switch will be easier.

It’s time to dust the furniture. Open the blinds. Either way, or get ready for customers. Today, developer Gummy Cat announces that its management adventure sim, Bear and Breakfast, is now available on Nintendo Switch. A press release gives players all the information they need about the eh Switch version. Additionally, a rocket ship trailer shows just how much players can expect to use their own B&B.

The game is Hank’s real adventure. Of course, if you hadn’t already heard that Hank was a bear. A really strong bear. Hank has big dreams of starting a bed and breakfast, but being a bear is a tough thing for the business owner. An apartment in the woods is also a cabin. If you don’t mind it, players will help Hank redecorate and remodel the shack with a good quality makeover.

Players can create their own &b as it is fully customizable. The game has dozens of different rooms. Bedrooms, bathrooms and bathrooms. Players can transform a house into a fully functional inn. Of course, the players are not alone in the woods. They’re going to find a whole cast of different characters. But be warned. Whenever I write the book, I know how. That means there’s a lot of work to explore.

Bear and Breakfast are now available on Nintendo Switch. The game costs $99.99. So, are you ready to start running your own B&B?


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