Nintendo Switch Sale Drops Highest-Rated RPG at Lowest Price Ever

Nintendo is currently offering a number of different games at a discount on its eShop market, and if you’re looking for something new to play, you can’t go wrong with what’s been considered one of the best RPGs to ever have. adorned the platform. This game is Subtitle, the game that has come to one platform after another over the years and currently ranks among the best Switch games. It just so happens that this particular sale also caused the price of the game to drop to an all-time low in the Nintendo eShop.

Subtitle has been ported to multiple platforms over the years since its initial release in 2015 and came to the Switch in 2018. It normally goes for $14.99 in the eShop which isn’t a bad deal at all but might not be worth it for those who have played the game previously on the PC. But for those who have a Switch and want to replay the game on that platform or for the first time overall, you can get it now for just $8.99.

It’s a much better deal for the game considering it’s the lowest eShop price yet (according to DekuDeals), but this particular sale ends on September 22, so you only have one little more time to take advantage of the offer.

First considered a cult hit when it was released, Subtitle and its solo creator, Toby Fox, have now both garnered far more followers over the years as the game has been ported elsewhere and the accolades for it have continued to pour in. According to Metacritic’s ranking of the best Switch games of all time, Subtitle comes in at 9th place with a score of 93. The user score is nothing to scoff at either with an overwhelmingly positive score of 8.2.

“Fall into the underworld and explore a hilarious and heartwarming world filled with dangerous monsters,” reads a preview of the game on the eShop. “Date with a skeleton, dance with a robot, cook with a fishmonger…or destroy everyone where they are. The future is up to you!”

Fox also recently shared an update on the next chapter of the creator’s newest game, Deltarune. Chapters 1 and 2 are free to try now as demos, but future chapters will not be free. Fox also said that no new chapters will arrive this year.

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