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Should we have one more game or multiple consoles? We are tough at first sight. Nintendo launched a new flagship game for the Nintendo Switch this Friday, called the colorful shooter Splatoon 3, which fans have been waiting for for a long time. And even though Nintendo usually never lowers the price of its own games, the Switch’s new flagship game is already available at a great price! Also, you can now buy the limited Pokemon & Kindle version of Switch OLED with the November announcement. On top of that, the Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED, and Switch Lite are currently cheap and readily available, and Media Markt has a discount campaign exclusively for Switch Games. Well, tell me the best switch deals for the weekend!

Buy Nintendo Switch Splatoon 3 at a great price.

In the test, the new Nintendo game Splatoon 3 turns out to be a completely new hit for the Nintendo Switch. That’s why we gave the shooter the highest rating! New features, the new lobby system, an exciting story and of course the usual animated shooter action at the highest level make the new Nintendo game a real highlight. The new game would normally cost around $60, but today you can get Splatoon 3 for just $42.99!

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Buy 3 Switch games for 111 at Media Markt.

In addition to Splatoon, you can now pick up other great Nintendo games for the Switch at a much cheaper price, as part of a great discount campaign on Media Market! You just select three titles, then pay a total of 111 euros. There are many high-end games from Nintendo, which are usually significantly higher and very rarely offered at low prices and even then as expensive as the discount campaign on Media Market. The Nintendo Switch was included.

The most useful information about the promotional campaign here, you can find it here, on any price range, in comparison with the best Switch games.

You can buy a Nintendo Switch: it’s never been cheaper.

Almost a year after the release, the new console console is now available and cheaper. Go to the Nintendo store.

You can buy cheaper games like Splatoon 3, Pokemon legends: Arceus or Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The console is now available in good condition, and at a low price. Due to global chip shortages, the popular Switch was often in short supply and very hard to find, especially the new and improved OLED model. For the best version of the Nintendo Switch (buy now), you had to pay a significant premium until recently if you had all the money to buy the console. However, for the moment, the situation seems much better. The Nintendo Switch is readily available in all three versions (normal, OLED, Lite) and is therefore significantly cheaper than it was a short time ago.

The free box is now ready for pre-order with Media Markt: Limited Switch OLED Pokemon Crimson & Purple Edition.

The limited edition Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Crymson & Crimson can now be pre-ordered from Media Market. Released: November 4, 2022. Source: Nintendo.

Who would like to buy the Nintendo console with an unusual design can now have another choice, in addition to the already available Nintendo Switch OLED Splatoon 3 Edition. We’re talking about the limited Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Crymson, which will be released on November 4 and two weeks before the next generation of Pokemon games. The extraordinary design features some of the newest pocket monsters. You can see the three starters on the back, and the two Legendary Pokemon are all on the dock and the respective logos of the two editions are on the Joy-Con. However, the new Pokemon game is not included. Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Crimson & Purpur Edition currently at the Media Markt.

Buy more storage for Switch, Switch OLED and Switch Lite.

Since the Nintendo Switch isn’t terribly difficult to fly, you definitely need to buy a big microSD card. Source: SanDisk.

Since the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have much internal storage, you also need to purchase a microSD card for the console. Some regular cards use the same device as phones or tablets. Nintendo gives you free choice here. However, it won’t rely on special memory card formats like Sony did with the PS Vita. The Nintendo Switch, the Switch Lite, has 32GB of internal memory, but the Switch OLED has 32GB of luggage. It’s not a lot and depending on the game it’s just enough for a few games. We therefore recommend that you purchase a microSD card of at least 256 GB for your Switch. These memory cards are now very affordable. But you can also take up to 512 GB or even more, one TB. Even if you want to buy games like Splatoon 3, Pokémon Legends: Arceus or Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, you are on the safe side.

This is also popular with game players like PCs.

3 OP in 111: Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Splatoon 3 and many more. Shop for less with MediaMarkt.

Pokémon Legends AREC, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Splatoon 3, New Games, and all those Switch games are now cheaper at MediaMarkt.

GIGABYTE, AERO, YOU: Save up to 30% on actual laptops.

The Back to School: Gigabyte campaign will offer up to 30% off select laptops from the GIGABYTE, AORUS and AERO series until the end of September.

Since you also like the 3 for 111 campaign on Media Market, you can get Splatoon 3 for a very affordable price and cheap microSD cards on Media Market. There are therefore many other offers at significantly reduced prices. There are all kinds of exciting products, such as televisions, laptops, graphics cards, headphones, phones and tablets, consoles, game consoles, socks, mice, computers, laptops , gaming chairs and more.

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