Nintendo has no plans to charge the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo joined Microsoft in the shock of the current PlayStation 5 price hike and said it doesn’t plan to raise the price of the Nintendo Switch in the same way.

In a press release published this morning on the Eurogamers site, Nintendo confirmed that it had no intention of raising the price of its equipment.

This response goes beyond that of Microsoft, which celebrated Sony’s dramatic decision last night by simply saying that it is committed to providing our fans with an exceptional gaming experience. Next, it confirms the starting price of the Xbox Series X and S.

Using the full statement, a quote from the president of the company with the performance statement, then confirms that Nintendo’s pricing has remained the same for the time being.

We will decide our future pricing strategy for a long time by doing extensive research. Retailers still decide the price for consumers, but Furukawa said Nintendo has no plans to raise retail prices for its hardware.

Sony surprised the gaming industry yesterday with an unprecedented price hike for the PlayStation 5 which will now cost £30 more in England and £50 more in Europe.

In other countries, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico and Canada, the prices will also be a plus. But in the United States, prices will not be increased yet.

PS4 boss Jim Ryan blamed the price hike on the high global inflation rate and unfavorable currency trend for consumers, and pressed many industries, saying it was a tough call. .

These things have been widely criticized, especially when many people are facing increasing economic hardship.

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