Idol Manager consoles are coming soon, both on PS and Switch

Idol industry business simulator Idol Manager is taking over consoles. Playism and developer Glitch Pitch have announced that the game will launch on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch in a few weeks. The release date for Idol Manager is set for August 25, 2022. The ports release will fulfill a promise made during the first Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in 2018, when capital was released.

As we did, a switch release was listed as a lofty goal to reach the $50,000 funding milestone. Idol Manager entered early access in November 2019. The full version was released on Windows in 2021.

Check out the trailer for the original Idol Manager console trailer, which was released in May 2022.

The Idol Manager console versions will be identical to the standard PC version on content. This game is the first in the world for gamers. They recruit women, train them into idols, and found new idol units. With the help of their staff and facilities, the girls will improve their skills, gain fame, fans and money through their activities. The agency is hegemonic, with scandals, personality differences, and story-related crises in charge of its two events.

Idol Manager was launched on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on August 25, 2022. It is already available on PC. Check out the review of the first generation of the game from Siliconeras.

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