Smash Boats is now available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Smash House Games has unveiled a new version of Smash Boats that features co-op as a sequel to Smash Boats: Waterlogged Edition. The new update is really what you and a friend can see on the same water-covered battlefields as you. Now you can experience all the goofy, nearly drowned fun of the main game with a friend and take on multiple opponents for ultimate supremacy over the small body of water you don’t control. More, plus a trailer, as the Xbox and Nintendo Switch release on August 18, 2022.

Credit: Smashhouse Games.

Smash Boats is an action game with a seemingly simple objective: smash everything in sight to conquer all arenas (pools)! With relentless enemies, big Mayday events, and unusual water obstacles that can get in the way of your progress, it’s anything but really. There’s a lot to consider in an arcade – a colorful set that brings the whole world to life with boats, special moves, wacky events, obstacles and more. If you don’t have time to finish some of the Nintendo Switches, just ask a friend to join you on the couch. Two more? All three games, new support for up to four players.

  • All you need is a boatload of pools to attack in: a toy chest, a pool table and a toilet!
  • 18 bricks with unique skills such as: butter, shark bite, lasers, marrow and many more.
  • All boats can submerge, ram, roll backwards, turn and brake.
  • Conquer moves and collects stars in order to unlock new boats and pools.
  • Couch and P2 are available for both players which have 3 different games to play for 1 and 4 players.

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