Nintendo Japan offers same-sex partners the same benefits as heterosexual married couples – Interest

DenFamiNicoGamer reported on Wednesday that nintendo Japan has updated its corporate social responsibility page to introduce a “partnership system” addressing the rights of people with same-sex relationships in business. According to this policy, employees with same-sex partnerships and common-law unions will receive the same benefits as those who are legally married.

To nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan), we want to create a work environment that supports and empowers each of our unique employees.

We introduced the Partner System in March 2021 as an initiative based on this philosophy. Although same-sex marriages are not currently recognized by Japanese law, this system ensures that employees who are in a domestic partnership with a same-sex partner enjoy the same benefits as employees in a heterosexual marriage. We have also established that a de facto marriage between couples will be observed in the same way as a legal marriage.

In the Code of Conduct for our employees, we had already established that “we do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, ideology, religion, creed, origin, social status, class, profession, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation. , or gender identity”, prohibiting any form of discrimination. In addition to introducing the partner system, we have revised our internal harassment policies to clearly prohibit discriminatory comments based on sexual orientation or gender identity, as well as the disclosure of private sexual orientation. of a person against his will.

Along with the introduction of the partnership system in Japan, we educated our employees on the issue of gender diversity with a message from our president to educate them on what diversity means. In this message, the President called on all employees to adopt a renewed understanding that even speech and actions, which are not intended to cause harm, can cause significant emotional pain, asking for understanding and support to create an environment in which everyone can work comfortably.

By improving our company’s systems and providing training, we will continue our work to create an environment where each of our many diverse employees can fully realize their talents.

Same-sex marriage in Japan is currently not legally recognized. In 2015, Tokyo’s Shibuya district introduced a partnership system, which extended certain legal privileges of married couples to same-sex couples. Since then, a number of cities have adopted similar systems. Private companies are not obliged to participate.

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