Nintendo Japan supports same-sex marriage, even though Japan won’t

Some might argue otherwise, but the video game industry has always been political – as our own Mike Diver so aptly explained – and in recent months that has been more evident than ever. As our political landscape grows increasingly…muddy…developers and studios are increasingly speaking out on a variety of topics.

Developers around the world pledged their support for Ukraine following the Russian invasion earlier this year and just days ago Activision Blizzard staff announced a walkout as they seek to protect corporate health rights after the overthrow of Roe V. Wade. Now gaming giant Nintendo is pledging to support same-sex marriage, which is not legally recognized under Japanese law.

As you are surely aware, many countries around the world have been celebrating Pride Month throughout June and in the wake of that ending, Nintendo Japan has been showing support for LGBTQ+ staff and communities.

The company recently presented its corporate social responsibility initiatives. As spotted by Go Nintendo, a section titled “Introducing a Partner System” pointed out that as of March 2021, Nintendo has introduced a new policy whereby “same-sex partners” can enjoy the “same benefits as employees in a heterosexual marriage”. ”

It is important to remember the context surrounding this policy. As Kotaku pointed out, Japanese courts upheld the nationwide ban on same-sex marriage just weeks ago. Attempts have been made to overturn these bans, but same-sex partnerships remain shockingly unconstitutional under Japanese law.

This makes Nintendo’s position all the more powerful. The company explained: “Although same-sex marriages are not currently recognized by Japanese law, this system ensures that employees who are in a domestic partnership with a same-sex partner have the same benefits as employees in a heterosexual marriage. . Japan is the only member of the G7 international forum that does not recognize same-sex marriage.

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