Play ‘Stardew Valley’ for free with a Nintendo Switch game trial next week

For a few days later this month, Nintendo Switch Online members can play Stardew Valley for free as part of the platform’s Game Trial service.

Available between June 13 and June 16, players can try out the farming simulator for free. At the end of the trial, as with all other Nintendo Switch Online game trials, it will also be available for purchase at a discounted price if players wish.

Developer Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe, was inspired by the likes of Minecraft, Animal Crossing, terrariums and rune factory when creating the game to combine crafting, quests and combat for the cocktail that is Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley puts you in the shoes of someone who has just inherited their grandparents’ old farm plot, along with some old tools and some coins. The goal is to learn to live off the land and turn overgrown fields into a thriving farm. You will face obstacles such as the Joja Corporation and be put to the test by the various other inhabitants of the valley.

Stardew Valley. 1 credit

You can now also play multiplayer with up to three other friends to work together to share resources and maximize Stardew Valleyand with Nintendo’s trial version of the game giving it to you for free, there’s no better time to have fun with your friends.

With previous Nintendo Switch online game trials, which included the likes of Monster Hunter Rise, Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Spelunky 2 among others, the Stardew Valley Game trial is limited to certain regions.

If you are outside of Europe, Japan or Australia, unfortunately you cannot access it at this time. To download the game for free, just make sure you have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription and head over to Nintendo eShop. You can head straight to the Game Trials section or to the Stardew Valley the page itself, although this option won’t be available until June 13, when the trial begins.

Furthermore, Sega has just announced a sonic the hedgehog Symphonic tour, which will begin in Brazil in October.

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