Disastrous Christmas gifts resold, including Switch game and Nike Jordans

This is the most wonderful time of the year – for some, not for all, if this collection of items for sale on Facebook Marketplace is to take place.

We’ve all received shady Christmas gifts over the years, and selling them fast has never been easier.

Thanks to Facebook Marketplace, we can now see attempted clearance sales as people take stock of some of the wonderful – or not – goodies they received over the holiday season.

It is also an opportunity for some to make good second-hand deals on items that are almost like new.

A person in West Hull tries to sell a vacuum cleaner, which is described as “like new” and has only been used twice, claims the seller.

On sale at £ 70, that’s almost half the price of Argos’ latest model, Hull Live reports.

A very expensive unwanted Christmas present, now on sale at a low price

If you’re in the mood for a high-end fashion item, a Moncler beanie is on sale for £ 120.

Outrageous as it sounds for a hat, it’s actually £ 30 cheaper than most other places.

Fiorelli handbags are some of the best around, but one person clearly disagrees as they sell them for just £ 15.

We believe that for such a low price – as it normally sells for several hundred pounds – it might not be a real deal.

Other items found included a Moschino Toy Boy Eau de Parfum – a slight improvement over the standard Lynx Africa gift set – which is available to purchase for around £ 40.

Selling your less wanted holiday gifts is now easier than ever

In Manchester, the Manchester Evening News also found pearls on Facebook Marketplace.

A Nintendo Switch game called Gang Beats is available for £ 20million, with the seller being very, very honest.

He wrote: “I got it for a Christmas present and I’m selling it for 20 pounds, it’s new, it’s an online game.”

For reasons unknown, someone thought that buying “waterjet speakers” for a friend or family member was a good idea.

The Nike Jordans can sell for between £ 113 and £ 165, but they are available much cheaper
The Nike Jordans can sell for between £ 113 and £ 165, but they are available much cheaper

If you’re in the mood for such an odd item, or just want to get wet while jamming, you can buy them for £ 20.

The person selling them has admitted that this is “a new unwanted Christmas present from B&M”.

And in what could be described as an absolute bargain, a pair of Nike Jordan sneakers are on sale for £ 90 – a little cheaper than retail.

The seller says the sneakers were a “Christmas present” but they are the wrong size, and selling them is “easier than sending them back”.

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