Nintendo Indie World Showcase December 2021: Every New Switch Game Announced


Nintendo hosted another of its independent global showcases on December 15. And while Hollow Knight: Silksong was absent again, the showcase featured a number of exciting new additions to the Nintendo Switch library.

Almost 20 games were showcased throughout the event, most of which are on track for releases in 2022. There was a lot of variety in terms of genres, with a healthy mix of RPG, puzzle games. and side scrolling action games. Chances are there is at least one ad that will catch your interest, regardless of your personal preferences.

You can check out the full 24-minute walkthrough, along with a quick rundown of each game featured during it, below. Note that when we mention a season when listing release dates, it is the season in the US / UK and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

Every Nintendo Switch game from Indie World Showcase December 2021

The showcase started with the Kickstarter-funded Sea of ​​Stars RPG. From developer Sabotage Studio, it’s purposefully inspired by classic ’90s RPGs like Chrono Trigger, and that game’s composer Yasunori Mitsuda even contributes to the music. It will be released during the 2022 vacation.

Next is Allisha: Forgetting the Twin Goddesses, an adventure / puzzle game that puts you in command of a pair of sisters and has you use their unique abilities to solve puzzles in an ancient temple. Designed specifically for the Switch, it can be played solo or co-op and will release in Spring 2022.

Allisha Twin Sisters Temple Puzzle

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Loco Motive, a point-and-click adventure title that has been favorably compared to the work of LucasArts, is technically already available on PC via However, developer Robust Games, with help from publisher Chucklefish, is expanding it to a full game for Switch next summer. After a murder on a train, the three main suspects must prove their innocence and solve the mystery themselves.

From the creator of Coffee Talk comes Afterlove EP, a visual novel / rhythm game / dating sim hybrid that features manga-inspired visuals and an Indonesian setting. You will control the musician Rama who mourns the death of his girlfriend and struggles to move on, especially since his girlfriend’s voice lives in his head. It will present different history paths determined by your choices and your outings next summer.

Dungeon Munchies was certainly a surprise, as it came out shortly after the showcase ended. A side-scrolling action RPG, you play as a resurrected zombie, and to escape the facility you’re trapped in, work with a spectral chef to cook dishes based on the monsters you hunt.

Dungeon Munchies Necro-Chef Simmer dialogue

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The action-adventure game Figment will have a sequel in February 2022, simply titled Figment 2: Creed Valley. Set in the human mind, you will explore unique environments and solve puzzles to rid it of nightmares. The game also emphasizes music, with boss fights described as having their own theme songs. A demo is also available now.

Board game maker Oink Games has brought a selection of their work to Switch. Available now as a digital download, you can enjoy Deep Sea Adventure, A False Artist Goes to NY, Startups, and Moon Adventure in offline and online multiplayer.

Arguably the most heartbreaking game on the showcase, Endling – Extinction is Forever puts you as the last surviving mother vixen in a world ravaged by mankind. Your mission is to escort your three little ones to a safe haven while feeding them and teaching them to survive. The quality of your play will determine how many of them make it to the end. It comes out in the spring of 2022.

Endling mother vixen carrying cubs

(Image credit: Herobeat Studios)

Less hersing is a new trailer for the skate game OlliOlli World. A 2D platformer, it has a new release date of February 2022 and anyone who pre-orders it will receive additional bonus cosmetics for their player character.

Studio Shantae WayForward has made an appearance to share a trailer for the sequel to the beat ’em up River City Girls 2. In addition to returning protagonists Misako and Kyoko, there will be four other characters to play as. More new environments, villains to beat and techniques to perform. It comes out in the summer of 2022.

What followed was a quick edit of the upcoming releases. These are the Parkasaurus management simulation and the Don’t Starve Together multiplayer expansion (both spring 2022), the Chicory: A Colorful Tale top-down adventure (available now), the multiplayer arcade game Baby Storm (January 21, 2022), action-adventure RPG GRIME (summer 2022), narrative RPG Gerda: A Flame in Winter (2022), stealth puzzle game Timelie (available now) and narrative game Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery (Spring 2022).

The showcase ended with OMORI, another Kickstarter funded RPG. Based on a webcomic of the same name, it was released on PC in 2020 and has become a critical darling for its gameplay and storytelling. It will be released for Switch in the spring of 2022.

2022 is already set to be a year for big Nintendo Switch releases, like the sequel to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 3. And with all of these indie titles, none of us will be short of things to play between the Nintendo’s premier – party price.


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