Arc Raiders Nintendo Switch release date: is it coming to Switch?


Do Arc Raiders have a Nintendo Switch release date? The colorful, free-to-play shooter from former Battlefield developers is slated for release next year. So far, it’s confirmed for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X. Is Nintendo Switch making the cut? Here is the essential information on the release date of Arc Raiders on Nintendo Switch.

Is Arc Raiders coming to Nintendo Switch?

Arc Raiders will release at some point in early 2022 on the aforementioned platforms. Unfortunately, it will likely skip a Nintendo Switch version. There’s no mention of Switch on the game’s website, which means it probably won’t be released on the console.

Likewise, taking a look at Nintendo eShop reveals that Arc Raiders is unfortunately not on display. Since you may already wish the game on To smoke, its omission on the Nintendo website only fuels the fire. The most recent trailer for the game also lists all the platforms available at the end, and the Switch is unfortunately not there.

Developer Embark Studios hasn’t given a reason for leaving the game on Switch yet. However, given that it ignores previous-gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, that’s no surprise. Generally, the Switch is taken into account in this eighth generation. It’s also noticeably less powerful than machines from Sony and Microsoft. As such, Nintendo’s console is unlikely to be able to cope with the intense graphics and processing required to run Arc Raiders.

Having said that, you can never say never. Recent releases like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy have made their way to Switch via cloud ports, where gamers stream all play online. It could technically work for Arc Raiders, but the radio silence on it means it’s rather unlikely.

In other news, a new Splinter Cell game could be on the way, if recent brand renewals are to be believed. Sonic is also making a comeback in the next open world Sonic Frontiers.


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