How to Choose a Nintendo Switch Game Based on Your Zodiac Sign


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When quarantine started, some players were spending their days consuming with the game Animal Crossing â„¢: New Horizons because a) it was extremely fun and b) it was also a good way to escape what was going on in the game. daily life. A lot of people still think of it this way, but instead they’re looking to spread their wings in other games that they’ve never tried before. With so many Nintendo Switchâ„¢ gaming options, which one is right for you? (after all, Nintendo Switch has thousands of games available that I’m sure are as fun as Animal Crossing: New Horizons), but one way to determine which next title you might enjoy is to use your sign of the zodiac as a point of reference.

Yes, you read that right – your zodiac sign. Believe it or not, there are certain personality traits that I think are strongly linked to each astrological sign. For example, Libras love to analyze and dissect, and as a result, may want to play a game that tests their intellect. On the other hand, Gemini are playful, social, and communicative, so they’re likely to end up enjoying a game they can participate in with others. Regardless, whatever your sign is, there is something for everyone, and we’ve created a guide to help you find the next game you want. You can also consult for more!

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Determined, ambitious, competitive and natural leaders, people of this sign always seek to meet any challenge. As a sign of fire, Aries does not back down from action, which makes Overcooked! All you can eat a great game for them. In this title, they will be able to face hundreds of levels of cooperative culinary chaos in increasingly perilous and obscure kitchens in this mixed version of Overcooked !, Overcooked! 2, and all additional content.

Overcooked!  All you can eat

Courtesy of Nintendo.

ESRB light cartoon violence


Like their Taurus counterpart, the Taurus is known to be stubborn, hardworking, and endowed with great courage. That is why Into the breach, a turn-based strategy game for Nintendo Switch, is a great option for them. In this game, the remains of human civilization are threatened by gigantic creatures spawning underground (yike!). Players will need to have a plan in order to control the mighty mechs of the future to fend off this alien menace, and the willpower as each attempt to save the world presents a new, randomly generated challenge.

Into the breach

Courtesy of Nintendo.

Into the breach


Quick-witted and quick-witted, Gemini are social, bubbly, and flexible members of the zodiac. They are also very intellectual and eager to come up with new ideas and share them. So what better game than a game that allows them to use their communication skills? In the game, players are invited to teach in one of its three houses, each made up of students bursting with personality. As a teacher, players have to lead the students in their academic life and of course, the tactical RPG battles.

Fire Emblem â„¢: Three Houses

Courtesy of Nintendo.

Fire emblem three houses ESRB


Cancers tend to be emotional and nourishing, which gives them a strong sense of family. They also like to take care of others, especially if they care deeply about them. That is why I am Setsuna is a great game for Cancers to try out, because it’s an emotionally impactful story filled with sacrifice and love.

I am Setsuna

Courtesy of Nintendo.

I am Setsuna


Lions are often the star of the show. They love the limelight and tend to be great performers and love to entertain people which makes Just Dance® 2022 a great way for this loud and exuberant sign to show off their moves!

Just Dance® 2022

Courtesy of Nintendo.

Just Dance 2022


Virgos tend to be analytical and detail-oriented which is a great quality, but maybe not 100% of the time. This is why playing the Animal crossing: new horizons can be a good title to add to their Nintendo Switch arsenal. In the game, players are tasked with creating their own paradise and deciding how to use the wealth of natural resources at their disposal. In addition, there is also paid downloadable content, called Animal Crossing â„¢: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise, which would also be a fun way for Virgos to relax. Full version of the game required to use the DLC. Sold separately.

Animal Crossing â„¢: New Horizons

Courtesy of Nintendo.



Libras can be a bit indecisive at times, which is why Clubhouse Games â„¢: 51 world classics is the way forward. It allows them to discover and play 51 table games from all over the world such as board games, card games, sports games, solitaires so that they have an array of options for any day of the week.

Clubhouse Games â„¢: 51 world classics

Courtesy of Nintendo.

Clubhouse ESRB Games


Considered an absolute must for Nintendo Switch owners, Mario Kart â„¢ 8 Deluxe is a great game for Scorpios because of its intensity and excitement. Because Scorpios are fearless and daring, playing a game that tests their racing skills with friends ** is guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours.

Mario Kart â„¢ 8 Deluxe

Courtesy of Nintendo.

Mario Kart: 8 Deluxe


Sagittarius loves to explore and is a naturally adventurous sign. They pride themselves on being the Zodiac Nomads due to their independent nature, their need to travel, and to meet new and different types of people. That is why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a game that includes many characters and stages, should be the first choice of Nintendo Switch of this brand!

Super Smash Bros. â„¢ Ultimate

Courtesy of Nintendo.

Super Smash Bros


Capricorns are logical and always forward-looking, not easily put off by how long something will take. They are patient, persistent and because of these traits they would be excellent at The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – a game that requires players to use their wits to complete their quests is to travel through the realm of Hyrule.

The Legend of Zelda â„¢: Breath of the Wild

Courtesy of Nintendo.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


People with the sign of Aquarius love to walk to the beat of their own drum, and we love them for it! They are eccentric, quirky and individualistic and because of this, are not afraid to turn the tables on their friends and family ** by wild board games that can change with the roll of the dice.

Mario Party â„¢ Superstars

Courtesy of Nintendo.

ESRB light cartoon violence


Pisces are very creative, imaginative, and in touch with their emotions. For this reason, a game such as Splatoon 2 that focuses on inking is a great way for Pisces to express themselves. Additionally, Splatoon 3 will arrive in 2022, so playing this installment ahead of time would be a great opportunity to test their skills.

Splatoon â„¢ 2

Courtesy of Nintendo.

Splatoon2 ESRB How to Choose a Nintendo Switch Game Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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