Monster House banned in Japan on Nintendo Switch



Murder House is a PS1-style survival horror title that was originally released on Steam almost a year ago to date. It was also recently released on consoles. That’s okay … or at least it wasn’t until the developer apparently tweeted Japan that a Murder House a ban had recently taken place for the Nintendo Switch in Japan.

Interestingly, there have been a few games that have also been banned recently, with Dying light not available on the Switch eShop in Europe, and super seducer 3 being banned from Steam.

What’s with the Murder House to prohibit?

Murder House was released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on October 14, a week ago. The game has players as part of a local news team who broke into an abandoned house to pursue a ghost story. Instead of finding a juicy story, they found a bloody one as a maniac in a terrifying bunny costume is determined to kill them for some reason.

The game may have been removed from the Japanese online store due to its rating. IARC is a group that rates downloadable games, and the game initially received a rating of 16+. However, the game has apparently been re-examined and found that its rating did not match its original rating. With the Microsoft Store Apparently have an 18+ rating for the game, this could also be what is happening with the Murder House to prohibit, a bit like what happened with Groove Coaster earlier this year.

As for the Puppet Combo itself, Ben from Puppet Combo told us that they “wish they had more information on this”, and that “I hope we get it back on the eshop”. When we asked, showing they said they also didn’t know why it was taken out.

Speaking of Murder House, what’s up with the icon?

Check Murder House Nintendo Switch icon. I want to say, Check it out. For Nintendo Switch users, looking at their icons is something they do a lot because Nintendo didn’t endow them with folders or any sort of proper game management. Basically, when you have to watch something this horrible, it’s just not a good time, bro.

As you can see in this tweet, Puppet Combo doesn’t want to replace the icon, telling TechRaptor that “I like it”, which is both hilarious and a shame. Hilarious because it really feels like the icon was chosen to annoy their fan base, and too bad because good Lord, this thing is ugly compared to other Switch icons.

It doesn’t mean that some people don’t really like icon. It’s a horror game after all, so why shouldn’t the icon be horrible? Food for thought, I guess.

For more information on the Murder House ban, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more.


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