The highly anticipated Nintendo Switch game delayed the day before its release



The release of a highly anticipated Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game has been delayed. In two days, Terror Metroid, one of Nintendo Switch’s big vacation releases, is going to drop. Fortunately, for Metroid fans, this release has not been delayed. What has been delayed is the release of Gang of beasts, which was finally due to arrive on Switch and Switch Lite via the Nintendo eShop tomorrow, October 7. However, this no longer happens. Now the game is released five days later on October 12.

Announcing the delay, developer Boneloaf noted that it boils down to “some unforeseen jam,” which is probably another way of saying an unforeseen problem. Judging from the delay, this problem is apparently minor, but whatever it is, it is not disclosed, which in turn suggests that it is irrelevant to the consumer.

Gang of beasts burst onto the scene in 2014 via Early Access. The game’s chaotic co-op gameplay, which is both entertaining and hilarious, quickly gained ground on the internet, in part thanks to the many streamers playing the game and the many Let’s Play-style videos that dominated YouTube in 2014 to promote it. That said, by the time the game fully released on PC and PS4 in December 2017, its moment was largely over. Since then, in 2019, it arrived on Xbox One, and now it’s finally coming to Nintendo Switch. As you may know, the Switch port was not announced until August, but many Nintendo fans have been waiting to get their hands on the title for years.

Gang of beasts is a silly multiplayer board game with snappy gelatinous characters, brutal combat sequences and absurd dangerous environments, set in the wicked streets of Beef City, “reads an official blurb on the game.” Customize your character and fight local and online enemies in melee game mode or fight with friends against Beef City gangs in gang game mode. “

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