Resident Evil fans forced to wait for mysterious new Nintendo Switch game


When it comes to the resident Evil franchise, there are a ton of great video games available to play right now. This survival horror franchise has exploded since its initial first release on the original PlayStation. However, with such a popular video game franchise, plenty of rumors are sure to crop up. A past leak suggested a few games were in the works, with industry insiders pointing at one particular project to be a Nintendo Switch resident Evil Game.

We had a Nintendo Direct last week, and it brought up some notable video games. For example, fans were treated to a game trailer for the upcoming Bayonet 3. Although some fans expected a resident Evil announcement of the game. Capcom was present at the event, but only to promote the next expansion to Monster Hunter Rise. As a result, it looks like slight changes were made at the last minute. At least that’s according to a notable industry insider.

Samus Hunter on Twitter recently commented on the disappearance resident Evil installment of the game. The industry insider expected this game to be announced, but something must have happened at the last minute. Unfortunately, we got no explanation from the insider other than some speculation. For example, Samus Hunter felt that this resulted from both the development of Resident Evil Village DLC and the pandemic causing delays overall.

We don’t know exactly what this mysterious resident Evil The Nintendo Switch game will be on. Capcom has redone the past resident Evil installments for modern platforms, so maybe there’s an interest in bringing something new. After all, resident Evil fans weren’t expecting a Resident Evil 4 remake announcement that will perform during a Nintendo Direct. So for now, it’s purely a game of waiting to see just when or if we get a Nintendo Switch exclusive. resident Evil Title.


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