Nintendo Switch December Enchanted Version Nintendo Connect


Who doesn’t want to live in a magical world with Mickey Mouse and dozens of other Disney characters? You are invited to explore the enchanting Disney-themed worlds with your hero and make the best costumes and furniture. All downloadable content from the original Nintendo 3DS version of the game is included. Disney Magical World 2: The Enchanted Edition Nintendo Switch reveals its magic in December.

Disney Magical World 2: The Enchanted Edition Nintendo Switch will be released on December 3, 2021. Pandoy Namco Entertainment Europe is a fast-paced life simulation game that gives gamers the freedom to create a life with their beloved Disney characters, explore themed worlds. Disney through fun adventures and participate in a variety of exciting activities. In the mini-games ”.

In Disney Magical World 2: The Enchanted Edition You first create your own avatar and choose from thousands of customization options to fully express yourself. At the start of the adventure Mickey Mouse and his friends will welcome you and settle in Castleton, where you will build your home and meet colorful personalities. New residents of Castleton will gradually discover their friendly neighbors and gain access to mysterious websites that lead to new worlds with many other characters to befriend.

Six worlds to explore, offers Disney Magical World 2: The Enchanted Edition A series of dynamic systems recognized by Disney fans with tons of fun features and themed mini-games. From decorating interiors to running a cafe to participating in magical dream parades and dungeon adventures, it offers plenty of features.

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