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Nintendo’s Japanese website reveals the 100 handpicked mini-games that will be playable in upcoming Mario Party Superstars.

Mario Party Super Star Mini Games

The main draw of Mario Party Superstars This is how he presents the best elements of the series. This includes many different sets from previous games in the franchise. The most recent news has come from the latest Nintendo Direct, as Nintendo revealed that three more classic boards will be in Mario Party Superstars. It just goes to show how much thought has been given to giving fans a classic experience. In addition, the website of Mario Party Superstars showed short videos of all the returning minigames.

Mini-games are a staple of the Mario party franchise, as these are skill or luck based challenges that break up the board game aspect and give players a chance to get more coins to buy stars. Mario Party Superstars will continue this tradition, with a multitude of mini-games that will be brought back from the other main entrances. As if to keep the nostalgia alive, a majority of these mini-games are coming back from N64 games.

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Of the 100 mini-games presented for Mario Party Superstars, 55 of them are from Mario Party 1-3. These include classics like Mushroom Mix-Up and Shy-Guy Says from the first game, to other N64 minigame classics like Bumper Balls and Hot Rope Jump. The various game match modes should also appear, such as a free-to-all four-way game and the One-on-One Duel mini-games. There also appears to be at least one returning mini-game where a player can be rewarded with a free item if they are successful.

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As for the GameCube Mario party mini-games being represented, 36 of them will make a comeback. Some incredibly popular mini-games are making a comeback, like Dungeon Duos, which just released Mario party 4 and requires the full teamwork of the two competing players facing each other. The rest of the mini-games come from the division’s Wii era of the series, like Mario 8-10 Party are the least represented, with a derisory total of 9 mini-games resulting from these entries.

This can be seen as a good thing for some, because Mario party 9 and ten are generally considered one of the lowest points for longtime fans, so not adding too many elements of these games would be nice. However, given that they were still pictured, it shows that there is at least some love for some of the minigames in these titles. With these many classic mini-games and returning features, it looks like Mario Party Superstars could be the game that is a real comeback.

Mario Party Superstars is slated to launch for Nintendo Switch on October 29.

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Source: Nintendo Japan

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