Otomate’s Cupid Parasite Switch game launches in the west in November – News


The game will launch in North America on November 2, in Europe on November 5

Factory of ideas International announced on Thursday that it would release its Otomate brands Cupid’s parasite game for the Nintendo Pass physically and digitally in North America on November 2 and in Europe on November 5.

The game will get a limited edition which includes a steel game case, The Parasites Guide to Los York hardcover art book, keychain set, collector’s box, two-disc CD with audio drama and theme songs, and a collectible card.

The visual novel otome launched for Switch in Japan in August 2020.

The “female-driven romantic adventure” game centers on the heroine, the goddess of love Cupid. Due to various circumstances (an argument with her parents), she descends into the mortal realm (runs away from home) and succeeds in her career (marriage counselor). Cupid works as “Lynette Mirror”, the principal advisor to the main marriage counseling office Cupid Corporation.

One day, the president of the company calls Cupid at the office at 5 a.m. to give him the task of marrying five people. If she is successful, she can get a promotion. The five troublesome clients are known as “Parasite 5”. While working on interviews, seminars and giving advice, it was decided that Cupid will live with these five men and appear in the company’s promotional television program, “Parasite House”.

The voice distribution of the game includes Ryohei kimura like Gill Lovecraft, Kenn like Shelby Snail, Taku Yashiro like Raul Aconit, Junya Enoki like Keisaiin F. Ryuki, and Makoto furukawa like Allan Melville.

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