Nintendo Switch gamers could make a fortune selling rare and expensive games


Collectors were buying boxed copies of the popular shooter fairly quickly, causing prices to skyrocket on sites like eBay. An updated version would debut on Nintendo Switch earlier this year, but only in limited quantities.

Indeed, if you were to buy a physical copy of Razion EX on eBay today, you would almost certainly have to spend over £ 100. The reworked EX Edition features a ton of upgrades and improvements, including big-screen visuals, a workout mode, and new music.

With stunning 16-bit graphics, half a dozen steps and an addicting scoring system, Razion EX is available for just £ 17.95 online. You can see the full list of Razion EX changes and improvements below …

Although developer NGDEV previously suggested that the game will not be released digitally, Razion EX is now available on Nintendo eShop. Fortunately, however, the issue has been somewhat resolved as the rare and expensive arcade shooter goes digital.

• Rebalanced and reduced difficulty • Game reworked

• Improved graphics and added 32-bit effects • Reworked controls and ship movements • Added bullet cancellation for some enemies

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  • Title: Nintendo Switch Players Could Make A Fortune By Selling Rare And Expensive Games
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