Sumikko Gurashi’s 2nd animated film gets a Switch game – news


Eiga Sumikko Gurashi: Aoi Tsukiyo no Mahō no Ko (The Magical Child of the Blue Night in the Moonlight), the second film by San-Xby Sumikko Gurashi franchise, get a game for Nintendo Light up on December 2.

The Eiga Sumikko Gurashi: Aoi Tsukiyo no Mahō no Ko – Asobō game! Eiga no Sekai party game includes 20 mini-games based on episodes from the movie. Each mini-game can be played with a single Joy-Con and supports up to four players. By playing mini-games, players can receive puzzle pieces as prizes. Each puzzle represents a scene from the film. New magician characters from the film will also be present.

The film will be released in Japan on November 5.

Takahiro mori (Durarara !!, Natsume’s Book of Friends, Princess Jellyfish) directs the film. Reiko Yoshida (Violet Evergarden, Read on the wall, K-ON!) writes the script, and Kaori hino (Modest heroes, Nap princess) returns from the first film as artistic director. Fanworks returns to animate the film, and ASMIK Ace distributes.

In the story of the film, the main characters go camping on an autumn day, and that night they remember a legend: that once every five years, on the night of a big blue full moon , magical creatures visit the city. The figures look up, only to see a large blue moon above their heads.

Sumikko Gurashi debuted in 2012 as slightly negative characters who like to stay in the corner of a room. Characters include “Shirokuma,” a cold-sensitive polar bear; “Penguin?” (with a question mark in its name), a penguin who doesn’t know if it’s a penguin; “Tonkatsu”, a piece of pork chop that has not been eaten; “Neko”, a shy cat; and “Tokage”, which hides its nature as one of the last dinosaurs.

The first animated film, titled Sumikkogurashi – Good to be around, opened in Japan in November 2019. The film placed third on its opening weekend. The film ultimately sold a total of 1.22 million tickets and grossed 1.4 billion yen (approximately US $ 12.8 million) at the box office in Japan in February 2020. The film won the award for the best animation of the year at the 29th edition of Japan. Movie Critics Awards in June 2020.

MankyÅ« ([email protected] Cinderella’s Girls Theater, Jaku-San-Sei Million Arthur) made the first film in Fanworks. Takashi sumita (Europe Kikaku) wrote the screenplay. Kaori hino (Nap princess, In this corner of the world) was the artistic director.

The franchise inspired toys, books, stationery materials, and video games. The first film inspired the Eiga Sumikko Gurashi: Tobidasu Ehon to Himitsu no Ko – Asobō game! Ehon no Sekai (Sumikko Gurashi the Movie: The Unexpected Picture Book and the Secret Child – Let’s Play a Game! Worlds of Picture Books) Switch game, launched in November 2019.


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