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When people think of the Nintendo Switch, they often think of the most popular titles to spruce up the company’s consoles, like Zelda games or Pokémon games. As with all forms of media, there are times when the headlines go a bit under the radar. Whether it’s because of less marketing or smaller budgets, these games may not have gotten much publicity. Nonetheless, we believe they deserve the limelight simply because of their impeccable quality.

Night in the woods

Night in the Woods tells the story of Mae, a cool cat who dropped out of college for unknown reasons. Back home in her small hometown, Possum Springs, she joins her old friends and former band members Bea, Gregg and Angus. But something strange is happening in Possum Springs – people are disappearing and there is talk of ghosts.

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Mae and her friends make it their mission to solve the mystery of Possum Springs while navigating the things that come with growing up and reuniting. Uncover dark secrets, roam your dreams and make sleuths – taking a break every now and then to practice with the group or check in with Mom.

Eshop icon Night in the woods

Night in the woods

Coming home can be relaxing – until it isn’t. Join Mae and her group of animal friends as they try to figure out what’s going on in their small hometown, where people have gone missing.

Choices that matter: and the sun has gone out

Choices That Matter: And The Sun Went Out is a text-based adventure in which you choose the fate of the main character and those around you. In this world, the sun disappeared one day, and despite its return, it continues to disappear for long periods of time. With the help of your eerily self-aware Moti smartwatch, it’s up to you to make decisions and travel the world to figure out what’s going on and stop a looming disaster that’s sure to happen if you don’t.

Choices that matter and the sun has gone out Eshop icon

Choices that matter: and the sun has gone out

In this text-based adventure, make decisions and decide the fate of the world alongside your conscious Moticon watch so you can save the world before the sun is gone forever.

Not tonight: takeover edition

In Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition you play as an English citizen who, due to your European ancestry, risks being deported in this vision of a post-Brexit UK that has a fierce aversion to all that is European. The only way to stay in the country you grew up in is to work as a bouncer, earn enough to stay afloat and pay your bills.

This management game allows you to check people’s ID cards, tickets and work permits at various events, making sure that no suspicious characters come in with contraband. Not to mention the pesky resistance that seems to be gaining more influence. It’s up to you to decide whether to keep your nose clean or stay in Britain by all means, even if they’re a little criminal.

Eshop icon of the Take Back Control of Not Tonight edition

Not tonight: takeover edition

Become the best bouncer of the British Isles in a post-Brexit world. Check ID cards, dress codes, and try to survive eviction by earning enough money to stay afloat, even if it means committing crimes.

Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun!

Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun! is the first international release of the Taiko no Tatsujin series in over a decade. Players can choose to use motion controls, button controls, or the special Taiko Drum controller to keep up with the beat in an incredible collection of songs. From J-pop to anime to video game tunes, gamers are sure to have songs to hone their skills in various difficulty modes that can really turn the heat up.

Play alone or with friends on drum mode, or throw a party with the plethora of wacky rhythm board games at your disposal. If you feel confident you can even go online and fight for the top spot on the leaderboards. Drum!

Taiko No Tatsujin Drum N Fun Eshop Icon

Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun!

Swing to the beat of the music as you weave your way through tons of catchy Nintendo game songs, anime and original Bandai Namco songs with various play styles and multiplayer play modes that make the game play alone or with friends just as entertaining.

Keep talking and no one blows up

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes stays true to its name as a multiplayer game in which one person holds a bomb in their hands and the other players hold the key to release it in the form of a printed bomb defusing manual. The problem? Neither group can see what the other is doing, so they must describe what they see and ask questions to solve the bomb modules.

Things get more difficult the further you go, with less time, risk of errors, and more mods. This game is perfect for co-op couch sessions with friends and family, and is inviting enough for anyone to join in, regardless of their gaming experience.

Keep talking and no one blows up the Eshop icon

Keep talking and no one blows up

Communication is the name of the game, and if you want to win you have to keep talking. Get together with your friends and family to diffuse bombs as you continue the conversation about what to expect. And keep an eye out for that damn timer …

Umurangi Generation Special Edition

Umurangi Generation is a first person photography game that strives to capture the essence of life in a futuristic world. As you serve your courier days, your photos are rated based on composition, colors used, and subject, with more lenses, gear, and features unlocked as you progress through the game This special edition includes all available DLC, including new gyro controls for the Nintendo Switch.

Gamers will find joy in expressing themselves and experimenting with new camera features, whether they are new to photography or professionals. Make sure to explore; you might just find new equipment that way!

Umurangi Generation Special Edition Eshop Icon

Generation Umurangi

Make a living as a courier for Tauranga Express taking photos of this retro-inspired world. No matter what your level of photography experience, you will always be able to express yourself through your shots.

Wandering song

Wandersong is an adorable platform adventure where you play as a happy bard. The world is in danger, and only you can save it with your love for music and your friendship! Travel the world to learn the Song of the Earth, make friends, and uncover secrets as you journey through this colorful world.

Sing in different colors, beat enemies, and think about what it means to do your best, even when things aren’t always going well. The characters, story, and overall message make it a game to warm even the coldest hearts.

Eshop Wandersong Icon

Wandering song

Use your fondness for music as a bard to save the world! Travel through various locations, learning new songs and making new friends along the way.

Paradise killer

On this strange alien island that is reborn every few millennia, psychic powers cause all kinds of unusual things. The system is strange, but it works – until the Council is assassinated. Heaven was killed … but who did it? In this open world murder mystery game, it’s up to you to search for clues and question suspects to build your case.

While it may seem simple at first, you’ll quickly find that there is more to this island than you might think. Everyone is suspect and the truth does not always coincide with the facts. Solve puzzles and gather evidence as you struggle to finally blame someone. Just make sure it’s the right person.

Paradise Killer online store icon

Paradise killer

In a shocking murder investigation, anyone can be a suspect … literally. Gather information and build your case as you seek to uphold justice in this open world mystery game.

ISLANDERS: Console Edition

If you fancy a bit of relaxation after all the mystery games, you can head over to ISLANDERS and create your own world. Build towns on island cliffs and build amenities like windmills and farms. If your island is full, no worries! Just move on to the next one. As you progress you will unlock more features, making your islands even more advanced.

The randomly generated nature of this game and the simple art style make it the game to play after a stressful day. Create worlds and imagine the people who live in them as you move around the islands.

Eshop Islanders Console Edition Icon

ISLANDERS: Console Edition

Create endless communities by building towns on different islands. Choose island careers as a farmer or lumberjack, and build accordingly. It is your archipelago; we all live there.

Rough diamonds

While some may see the eShop as a bloated market with too many shovels, I make it my own little game to constantly check for new releases and sales to see what games can jump on me. Night in the Woods has become one of my favorite scripted games, digging deeper into the issues of mental health and life in a small town that I have rarely seen since.

Of course, not all good games are of the same genre, so there is a bit of everything on this list. If you want to go back to the days of MS-DOS gaming, then Choices That Matter: and The Sun Went Out is for you. Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition took me into management games that otherwise seemed a little too boring to me, enticing me with its witty writing and dark undertones. As much as I love the solo experiences, I also love a good co-op couch session, and I always bring my manual for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes to meetings and outings for chaotic fun.

Which games do you think are great but don’t get enough attention? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments; all genres are welcome!

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