Goodboy Galaxy is a brand new GBA (& Switch) game on Kickstarter


Entirely new video games for retro hardware are no longer a common phenomenon, but they are certainly happening more and more frequently. In this sense, the developers Rik nicol and Jeremy clarke started a Kickstarter for Good galaxy boy, a new platform adventure game that will be released physically for Game Boy Advance (GBA), in addition to being released digitally on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The game has already far exceeded its fundraising goal, at over $ 40,000 currently raised when it originally asked for over $ 24,000. He is also rapidly approaching an ambitious goal of securing the physical release of Good galaxy boy on Nintendo Switch.

The game has a playable browser demo available now. The full game will feature “tight levels with multiple routes” and secret areas, over 50 characters that have collectible friendship cards, and an upgradable blaster with special abilities.

Now here’s the really weird part: Good galaxy boy because a physical GBA version was only offered at specific and limited Kickstarter levels, and they’re all sold out already. This is, frankly, a little silly, since the GBA version is clearly the main draw. They should have found a friendlier arrangement with their publisher, First Press Games, and it may still be possible. In any case, if you come back Good galaxy boy now you’re watching a digital copy (or potentially a physical boxed copy, pending expansion goals) of the Nintendo Switch version, or grabbing the Steam version or a ROM of the GBA version.

As a point of reference, the Infinite Game Boy Color Kickstarter has already been a huge success, raising over $ 186,000 so far and set to create a whole new set of expandable lenses. Buying a physical copy of this game is expensive, but there is notably no limit on who can buy it.

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