We tried Nintendo Switch’s Game Builder Garage.


Growing up, I was NOT the player in our household. This title belonged to my older brother. He had a whole series of consoles for Space invaders, Street fighter and EA Sports whether he was playing solo or with his friends.

None of this gambling business interested me in the least. It was up to a year, Santa Claus gave me a Nintendo Game Boy. A clear.

That’s right: the very one that allowed you to see inside his very being, and encourages you to look at all the cords and threads inside (or just me? It was mesmerizing).

This portable device changed my perspective on video games.

Super Mario became my mate. Donkey kong became my alter ego. And Tetris, Always be my beating heart. Tetris Made me fall asleep at night while rearranging blocks behind my eyelids. It was pure, virtual love.

A lot has changed in the game since this little wearable beauty came into my life over 20 years ago.

More particularly in my house, the Nintendo Switch. This device revolutionized the way my 10 year old daughter Summer plays games: it plugs into the TV and can also be used as a portable device. It’s crazy!

And being the curious little kitten that she is, Summer is all about the questions:

“How do they make everything look so good in video games?” ”

“How do they go about blowing up the characters and making things happen?” “

“How do you learn to design video games? “

“Who the hell makes games anyway?” “

So it was no surprise that when Nintendo gave us a copy of the latest Switch game Play builder garage, to try that Summer literally snatched it out of my hands and put it in her Switch to play (so proud of her manners…).

Picture: Supplied.

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