Nintendo eShop crashed after Monster Hunter Rise demo launched

If you downloaded the Monster hunter rise demo on Nintendo eShop, you are one of the lucky ones who were able to do it. The eShop encountered issues due to concentrated access shortly after the demo launched, and eventually underwent emergency maintenance.

the Monster hunter rise demo launched on the eShop around 10:25 am JST. Nintendo’s Japanese customer support started raising the issue on Twitter at 11:35 am JST, noting that software downloads may not begin immediately due to concentrated server access. He also recommended users to wait for the download to start on its own instead of mashing the demo download button.

Nintendo has finally started emergency maintenance from 2:20 pm JST which made the eShop completely inaccessible. At the time of this writing, Nintendo eShop is still not operational in all available regions. [UPDATE: The maintenance ended at 19:45 JST (05:45 AM ET) and the eShop is now accessible again.]

The demo version of Monster hunter rise comes with some limitations. First, it will be downloadable for a limited time until February 1, 2021. While the Basic and Wyvern Riding tutorial quests can be accessed multiple times, the main quests against Great Izuchi and Mizutsune have a combined play limit of 30. time. Once this limit is reached, the demo will no longer be playable. As the demo only offers predefined equipment, there is no feature to bring its save data to the full version.

The full version of Monster hunter rise will be released worldwide simultaneously on March 26, 2021.

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