Nintendo eShop Back Online After Monster Hunter Rise Demo Request Crashes

The Nintendo eShop is back online after huge demand for the Monster Hunter Rise demo caused a blackout in the global store.

A demo of Capcom’s upcoming RPG was released earlier today, but due to the number of fans trying to download the 1.6GB portion of the game, the Nintendo eShop has been taken out of service. The issue was a worldwide affair, with users in the US, Europe, and Japan unable to access the online store to get their hands on the demo.

Nintendo’s Japanese customer support Twitter account apologized for the inconvenience caused by the crash and has removed the eShop so it can undergo emergency maintenance. The issue has now been resolved and fans and several outlets have confirmed that the demo is downloadable from the eShop.

Capcom has announced that a Monster Hunter Rise demo will be available until February 1, during a digital event on January 7. The demo contains four quests located in the Shrine Ruins area of ​​the game – two tutorials regarding Wirebugs and Wyvern riding, plus a beginner level quest and an intermediate level quest – and the missions can be played up to a maximum of 30 times.

The demo also supports local and online multiplayer, allows players to bring a Palico or Palamute for the ride, and all 14 weapons are available to try out throughout.

Monster Hunter Rise launches for Nintendo Switch on March 26.

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